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Wool Fertilizer Pellets

Wool Fertilizer Pellets

Crafted from pure, unprocessed wool, these pellets are designed to enrich your soil, enhance soil aeration, decrease watering frequency, and bolster plant health.

Offering a slow-release fertilization source with an NPK ratio of 10-0-3.

A pack of 500 grams of wool pellets is sufficient for around 10-12.5 square feet of garden space.

The pellets can be used directly next to your seeds at the time of planting. Cover both the wool pellets and seeds with soil. You can also incorporate the pellets into your potting mix or garden soil to enhance its properties.

For improved water control and retention, mix 1/2 cup of pellets with 4 cups of potting soil.

For plants already in pots, scatter the pellets until the soil is covered. They can be pressed into the soil or left on top.

The pellets start to decompose within the first three months, gradually releasing nutrients over the subsequent year.

  • Bag Size

    Sold in 500 gram packages. Local delivery available

Excluding GST/HST
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